Basic Anatomy Training

Learn the basics of the bodies functioning in shape and locomotion. Learn about the basic systems and the details of the musculo-skeletal system as it relates to movement and our own felt sense of reality.

This course can be scaled from about 30 hours to 100 hours if the subtle anatomy training is included.

A powerful grounding in physiological systems is imperative for all who are working directly or even indirectly with the body professionally and an incredible and overlooked way of deepening a practitioners experience of their own body.

This is not a typical science class. This class integrates in-depth, current scientific understandings of the body in an inquisitive way with one’s own embodied experience. This is less of a high school science class and more of an exploration.

Content includes:

Holistic body - ideas on underlying design priciniples

The systems - holistic and non holistic systems of the body

The connective tissue - structure and it’s role in movement

Muscular system - leg, arm, vertebral column, visceral column

The unique body - how external and internal patterns large and small affect our shape and expression

The subtle body - a inquisitive journey into the energy systems of the body

Jackson Mathey