For the past several years a dear friend and I have been working together on various musical and creative projects of his.

It is an adventure I cherish. I have always enjoyed the creative process and facilitating that unfolding with people. For him the creative process is always vibrant, rich and magical.

One day he spoke to me about a new idea, a new practice really, medicine songs. Crafted from organic sound and speech accompanied only by percussion, occasional drones and layers of more voice, these songs would seek to reconnect the listener (and performer).

What culminated in the year since that discussion is a special set of songs that to me seem half icaros, half something else entirely. Listening now brings me a feeling of connecting to the roots, connecting to mother earth and to my ancestors. The process of recording and mixing these songs was very much that same sensation.

Andrew and this amazing record is currently on tour in New Zealand and Australia.

Check out this new beautiful expression of Woven Talon’s Andrew Tumason “Dreamlines”

You can also see the music video for the first single from this record ‘Igedjo” here or below. It features my timelapse cinematography.

-The Audiosherpa